Just Read: “Winter Stroll” by Elin Hilderbrand

Read July 15, 2020 – July 17, 2020

Well if this review isn’t delayed… LOL. After reading Winter Stroll, I entered the reading rut of a lifetime and neglected posting this review. I desperately wanted to continue the series but had other books staring at me. Lesson learned: read what you want, even if it isn’t the next book on your shelf. August, oh what a month! As you might know, I am a teacher; I spent a good portion of August preparing for the online learning transition. I absolutely love teaching online but I had to dedicate most of my personal reading time to focus on preparations. Now that I’m all set and in the groove, I have this AND ANOTHER for you, so sit tight. But wait, if you haven’t read the first in the series then you might not want to continue reading this review – there will likely be some spoilers. Check out my review for Winter Street and pick up a copy of that one first.

What is it about? 

The Quinn family is back for another Christmas. The title of the book sort of sets the scene here, as most of the drama with the family takes place during the Winter Stroll. This is an event that I sure wish I could take part in; there is an actual Christmas Stroll weekend in Nantucket and apparently it’s the place to be. The Quinns, however, just can’t seem to have a drama-free time. Mitzi, the mommy who quite literally kissed Santa Claus, is back on the island with George, the Santa Claus in question, and it is causing some uncomfortable interactions.

Bart is still missing but information surfaces from the government about his possible whereabouts and Margaret, Kelley’s ex wife, mother to Patrick, Kevin, and Ava, is privy to information because of her career in broadcasting. It’s just a lot to handle around the holidays and the rest of the family has their own personal issues to deal with. Patrick is in prison, so Jennifer is dealing with the boys and keeping the house afloat on her own. Kevin and Isabelle are navigating parenthood. Ava is dating the not-so-amazing Assistant Principal, Scott, and we get to see his flaw during the Stroll. It’s safe to say, every Quinn has something significant happen in their lives in this book.

What does it have?

  • Christmastime
  • Drama 
  • Rekindling Flames
  • Cliffhanger, AGAIN!

Hilderbrand continues with her skillful storytelling in the second book of the series and is able to teach us more about the meaning of Christmas. Her characters help show that it takes effort to maintain a mild temperament but that it’s worth it. Kelley, the Quinn patriarch, repeats to himself, “Peace on earth and good will toward men, as a reminder of how he should strive to treat others. This proves to be a reminder for us, too, and Kelley does his best meet this expectation set in the popular Christmas song.

Is it worth reading?

Oh yeah! I am glad I continued with Hilderbrand’s series and last night I finished the 3rd one, Winter Storms. Check back soon for my review. I’ll be starting the final book this week and I know I’m going to be sad to see the series end.

What have you been reading lately?  

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