Just Read: “Winter Storms” by Elin Hilderbrand

Read August 26, 2020 – September 1, 2020

This will forever be known as the book that broke the Rut of 2020! If you read my last review on Hilderbrand’s Winter Stroll, you know that I entered a deep dark reading rut because I denied myself the book I really wanted to read (this one) in favor of one sitting on my shelf already. I’m glad I decided to put an end to the madness and spend a few bucks on this one because ELIN, YOU DID IT AGAIN. Since this is the 3rd book of hers I am reviewing here, I feel like I can call her by her first name. J Anyway, don’t you dare continue reading this unless you want spoilers from the first two books, I can almost guarantee some will be spoiled and I just would hate for you to miss out on experiencing it first hand. Read my review for Winter Street, the first in the series, and read the book. Then you are permitted to read my review for Winter Stroll and read that book! Finally you can come back here and read this review… I promise it’s worth the extra steps.

What is it about? 

The Quinns come back but this time you’re singing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” You quickly learn that Kelley, the patriarch of the family, is sick and Mitzi did her very best to nurse him back to health. Between radiation and her holistic methods, he seems to be doing ok. Mitzi has been focusing on manifesting positivity and she is shouting JOY from the rooftops in hopes it will bring news of Bart, her son who may or may not be alive in Afghanistan. Jennifer, Patrick’s wife, has been barely holding it together while he is in prison and she has been struggling with a pretty heavy addiction.

As always with the Quinns, all the bad comes with some good, too. Margaret, Kelley’s first wife, is enjoying her boyfriend-turned-husband, Drake, and Ava travels with Margaret on a nice relaxing getaway before the wedding where she meets a new hunky guy. Ava, the girl with three suitors? She is aiming high this time around and making big decisions in her life that will impact her entire family. Kevin and Isabelle have a little turmoil because of their unofficial union – he may have proposed but fiancé wants to become wife sooner rather than later. We also have Bart, oh Bart… the young Marine who we don’t know the status of yet. You’ll find out some major information in this one; more major than in the last. 

What does it have?

  • Year in Review – It goes through each season!
  • Addiction
  • Marriage

Of the three books from this series that I’ve read so far, this is the one that really got to me. There was an entire sequence that I balled through. I’m not going to spoil any detail for you about that but I will reveal Jennifer’s secret tips to a perfectly decorated Christmas tree, which are so thoughtfully placed for us to consider incorporating! “1. When you think you have enough white lights, add three more strands. 2. Glass-ball ornaments are placed all the way inside the tree, near the trunk, so that the tree appears to glow from within. 3. Showpiece and heirloom ornaments go on the ends of the branches.” You’re welcome…

Is it worth reading?

Oh my goodness YES. If you like Christmas and you want to feel something, pick this one up. Even though I guess you don’t technically have to have read the first two in the series to pick up here, you should still read them. I can’t wait to start the final one, Winter Solstice. I think I might just crack it open tonight…

Are you excited for new holiday-themed books to be released? I have my eye on one that comes out next month.  

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