Hi, I’m Nicolena!

I guess we should get to know each other…

I was sitting around one day desperately wanting to talk about the books I’ve been reading and figured what better place to do it than the internet? I use to teach high school and college in Florida before moving across the country to see what life is like in the mountains. I graduated back in 2018 with my Masters of Arts in American Literature and toy with the idea of going back for a PhD one day. My thesis project for my MA can be found somewhere on ProQuest and is titled “Exploring Narrator-Reader Relationships with Jim Thompson’s Victims of Circumstance: Lou Ford, Dolly Dillon, William “Kid” Collins, and Charles Bigger”. If that title wasn’t a mouth full… wow!

I don’t get to discuss the books I read in my everyday life, so here I am…writing reviews about the ones I pick up. I don’t necessarily always stick to the same genre and I think you’ll find a good variety. Lately I’ve been reading relatively new novels but now and then I’ll pick up something a little older.

Keep in touch with me here and follow me on social media to see what I’m reading now.

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