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Just Read: “Part of Your World” by Abby Jimenez

Read January 2023 Abby Jimenez is here for some redemption! After reading her last novel Life’s Too Short, I wasn’t confident I’d enjoy continuing with the The Friend Zone spinoffs. I added Part of Your World to my May 2022 Book of the Month box just before cancelling my membership and went on my way,…

Just Read: “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” by Matthew Perry

Read November Dammit, Matty, could you be any more honest? I debated reading a copy vs listening to the audio because Matthew Perry narrates it himself and I enjoy his voice. I’m a longtime fan of Friends and was one of the many people watching the series finale the night it aired – I still…

Just Read: “In a Holidaze” by Christina Lauren

Read December – February Well if it isn’t old so and so, actually reading a book! I’d like to say I remember when I bought this book but unfortunately I don’t.. I do definitely know why though – I love Christmas and, well, I had every intention of reading it in December. I did read…

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