Just Read: “Waiting for Tom Hanks” by Kerry Winfrey

Read August 28, 2021 – August 31, 2021

I finally read a book from the TBR shelf – yeah, it’s more of a shelf than a pile! I’ve probably had this book for about a year and what initially caught my attention was Tom Hanks. I wouldn’t say I’m waiting for anybody but when I watch the romantic comedies he stars in, I root for him and the female lead to meet/connect/start dating. I always get this post-viewing high and consider the possibility of that type of romance being real. When I initially saw a book about someone who is a hopeful romantic who loves rom-coms, I knew I would have to read it.

What is it about? 

Annie loves romantic comedies. No… she really loves them! She’s obsessed with the idea of finding her very own Tom Hanks but not the actor Tom Hanks, the Hanks in the Nora Ephron films. It isn’t even always Hanks but Annie uses him as a stand-in for all rom-com male leads. She’s looking for the Fox Books, boathouse, AOL chat room heartthrob who she meets in the most organic way…. but where is he? 

She goes on a few dates and has a meet cute or two before realizing love maybe isn’t what she thought it was all along. As a writer, Annie gives practical advice about everyday problems, diaper disposal and hemorrhoids, and is working on a rom-com screenplay based on the lives of her best friend, Chloe, and Chloe’s boss, a coffee shop owner. She’s so wrapped up in the idea of a Nora Ephron movie romance that she doesn’t realize the possibility standing right in front of her.  

What does it have?

  • Rom-Com Movie References
  • Female Friendships
  • Celebrity Gossip, It’s All Lies!
  • Laugh Out Loud, Actually

This book was a nice change of pace from some of what I have been reading lately and reminded me of why I like romance novels – they’re relatable and hopeful. I think Winfrey does a good job at portraying the obsessively-blind-to-what-is-in-front-of-her heroin in this first-person narrative. I’ve seen all of the movies referenced in the book but I think someone who isn’t as versed in popular film would be lost and disappointed while reading. The narrative, at times, relies heavily on those references and gives spoilers to the endings of every movie mentioned. This definitely wouldn’t be a good pick for someone who doesn’t like the rom-coms of the 90s.

Is it worth reading?

I liked it but it’s clear this isn’t a book for everyone. The subject is a little niche and if you’re into Sleepless in SeattleYou’ve Got Mail, and When Harry Met Sally, I think you’d enjoy this book. There is a sequel, also on the TBR shelf, that I’ll read eventually but next I think I’ll pull a thriller from the TBR or check out more of Scarlett St. Clair’s Greek mythology retellings. Decisions, decisions…

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