Just Read: “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry

Read February 2023

Emily Henry does it again with a cute romance novel that has all of the ingredients to make you laugh, cry, and have hope that Mr. Right (or at least Mr. Right Now) is just an uncomfortable meeting away. I’ve read a couple of Henry’s titles and haven’t been disappointed yet. Her upcoming release is 100% in my holds at the library.

What is it about? 

Nora Stephens, a literary agent in New York City, is great at her job and is in desperate need of a getaway to a small town in North Carolina… according to her younger sister. Libby is so adamant they travel and, being the best big sister ever, Nora agrees to go away with her for a full month. Libby has a long list of things to do, with the goal of getting Nora some social time with people who aren’t authors she is negotiating deals for. Nora may benefit from a hot date and Libby just needs a little peace and quiet before she births her next child.

Charlie Lastra is the editor you want reviewing your books… if you can manage to stand his attitude. He’s attractive, successful, and is well aware that you need him more than he needs you. After a quick chat with Nora about one of her author’s newest pitches, he travels to be with family in… a small town in North Carolina. You’d be crazy not to think they’re going to bump into each other but as their work lives start to forcibly collide you’re left wondering if maybe he deserves a second look.

What does it have?

  • Sisterly Bonds
  • Mountain Town Getaways
  • Books about Books
  • Dating Bops and Flops

Henry adds comedy for the romance reader in this narrative as Nora and Libby list out small town romance novel tropes, pushing the characters to live in the moment on vacation. If you’re reading my review about a rom-com, chances are you enjoy them too and there’s high probability you’ve wondered what it would be like to go to a small town, date the charming farmer, and have a possibility at happily ever after.

Is it worth reading?

For sure, what book lover doesn’t love books about people in the business of books! Emily Henry’s next release, Happy Place, comes out at the end of this month.

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