Just Read: “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry

Read February 2023 Emily Henry does it again with a cute romance novel that has all of the ingredients to make you laugh, cry, and have hope that Mr. Right (or at least Mr. Right Now) is just an uncomfortable meeting away. I’ve read a couple of Henry’s titles and haven’t been disappointed yet. HerContinue reading “Just Read: “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry”

Just Read: “Beach Read” by Emily Henry

Read September 4, 2021 – September 5, 2021 Dear TBR Shelf – why have you let me stare at this book for months without reading it? You should have shouted at me, “This one. Pick this one up, now!” I’m glad I made a point to start reading a couple that have been sitting there because, myContinue reading “Just Read: “Beach Read” by Emily Henry”