Just Read: “Part of Your World” by Abby Jimenez

Read January 2023

Abby Jimenez is here for some redemption! After reading her last novel Life’s Too Short, I wasn’t confident I’d enjoy continuing with the The Friend Zone spinoffs. I added Part of Your World to my May 2022 Book of the Month box just before cancelling my membership and went on my way, keeping the book in a small TBR pile next to my bed. Other than having low expectation for the narrative, I wasn’t too thrilled about reading a physical book – book lights aren’t my favorite thing these days. Thank you to my friend Karina for pointing out that the library has free eBook rentals. I got a library card and borrowed the digital version – cheers to my Kindle and the public library for making reading easier (and cheaper!).

What is it about? 

Alexis Montgomery, mid-late 30s, is an ER doctor in Minneapolis and works hard to live up to her father’s expectations. She the youngest in a family of doctors who have made a huge impact in the medical field for generations. Alexis broke up with her live-in narcissistic abusive boyfriend but they have to interact at the hospital where they both work. She has made it clear she’s done but Neil, and pretty much everyone except her bestie, refuses to accept the dream team – two beautiful talented doctors – no longer exists.

Daniel Grant is in his late 20s and somewhat of a hero in Wakan. He’s humble about what he contributes to this small town a couple of hours outside of the city. Wakan has a way of bringing people there and a meet-cute that had the possibility to go insanely sideways – we’re talking this could have been a kidnapping situation (maybe not but can we ever really trust strangers???) – leads Alexis to question what she wants out of life. You can’t take the city out of the girl but maybe, with some adjustments, you can take the girl out of the city.

What does it have?

  • Long Distance Romance
  • Abusive Ex
  • Upholding Family Legacy – Drama!
  • Small Town Charm

Jimenez hits the nail on the head re:dating in your 30s and describes it as “picking through a garbage heap looking for the least disgusting thing.” It might sound generalized if you haven’t dated in the last decade but let me tell you, in the least cynical way, it’s a toxic wasteland. This novel keeps the same writing style as the others in the spinoff-style series, pivoting point-of-view from the female lead to the male lead, alternating every chapter or so, and it’s absolutely something I enjoy!

Is it worth reading?

I think yes! I’m glad I didn’t write Jimenez off after not connecting with her last novel and have a new excitement for her upcoming title, Yours Truly, which will be about Alexis’s friend, Briana. 

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