Just Read: “Life’s Too Short” by Abby Jimenez

Read April 6, 2021 – April 14, 2021

Abby Jimenez has published three novels and owns a successful bakery in Minnesota. This is her third novel and it should be noted that this one kind of goes along with The Friend Zone and The Happily Ever After Playlist. The books are listed as part of a series but this one stands on its own and only mentions characters from the other books two or three times; they don’t play much of a role in this one so I’m not sure they really belong grouped up but what do I know…

What is it about? 

Jesus Abs meets ALS YouTuber. A super sexy and successful criminal defense attorney, Adrian, is overworked and he loves it. He spends all of his free time working and isn’t ready to get into any type of relationship – he has no time or energy to invest in someone else after his heart was recently broken. Vanessa, his wall-sharing neighbor, is trying to navigate surprise motherhood and adjust the content of her YouTube channel from YOLO travel blogging to…well… babies and diapers.

Adrian offers a helping hand to Vanessa and they become fast friends. They both are on the same page of not wanting to get into a relationship and Vanessa is cryptic about her reasoning but the reader already knows it’s because she suspects she has ALS and might die in the next year or so. They obviously begin to form some level of feelings for one another because they are constantly together but Vanessa is hell-bent on remaining friends and Adrian is respectful of her wishes and doesn’t make a move. There’s only so long they can maintain their friendship before someone gets hurt.

What does it have?

  • Major Family Drama
  • Addiction 
  • Friends Without Benefits
  • Adoption

Similar to Jimenez’s other novels, the point-of-view alternates between characters and it makes reading the book fly by. There were some funny moments and a few insightful quotes but overall I was pretty disappointed. I found it hard to connect with the characters and at one point actually tossed the book aside and rolled my eyes so hard I thought they might get stuck. The writing is good but the story irritated me.

Is it worth reading?

I didn’t want to have to say this but no, I would skip it. I’ve delayed writing this review because it sort of broke my heart how much I disliked it and I had it hyped in my head prior to reading. I’d say… stick with the first two books in the series and call it a day.

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