Just Read: “In a Holidaze” by Christina Lauren

Read December – February

Well if it isn’t old so and so, actually reading a book! I’d like to say I remember when I bought this book but unfortunately I don’t.. I do definitely know why though – I love Christmas and, well, I had every intention of reading it in December. I did read a little in December, a little in January, and finished it in February and then wrote this review and never posted it. Until… NOW! It kept my attention just fine but – in case you didn’t get the memo – I moved across the country and have been settling in and getting acclimated. PS – there was no memo ☺

What is it about? 

Mae is on a holiday vacation with her family – a tradition her family has been doing ever since she can remember. They travel to Utah to their usual cabin and have a fun-filled week with games and traditions. Unfortunately, after making somewhat of a huge mistake… she dies. The only thing is, she wakes up after she dies and is back at the start of the vacation. Trying to decide if this is some weird dream, afterlife, or groundhog day situation, she goes through the motions of the vacation again.

The funny, or maybe not so funny, thing is, she dies again… and again. She is frustrated with having to relive this vacation only to die at different moments and decides she is just going to experience this next round without holding anything back. Face your fears, tell the truth, go for what you really want – you’ll just end up getting a do-over in a few days… only, her vacation hasn’t reset itself yet and she’s still alive. Is the anvil doing to drop or did she start over for the last time?

What does it have?

  • Family Drama
  • Childhood Crushes
  • Romance
  • Christmas Vacation – an actual vacation for Christmas, not Chevy Chase

I probably could have read this book in one sitting if I was sitting for long enough to read it! Your girl has been out exploring and trying to find where the best meatless hard tacos are in the Denver area – I still haven’t found them so if you or someone you know does, please reach out to me!

Is it worth reading?

Definitely – it’s a cute Christmas novel, if you’re into those sorts of things. You know I am and with Christmas right around the corner, again, I am tucked in every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday promptly at 8:00 PM to watch the new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

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