Just Read: “How Sweet It Is” by Dylan Newton

Read September 5, 2021 – September 6, 2021

My one book purchase for the long weekend got devoured immediately! I am a Forever fan; Newton’s publisher rarely disappoints and I was already able to tell by the synopsis on the back of the book that this is the best time of year to read something like this.  Her writing style is engaging and the fact that narrative starts in September really set the mood for me. Florida doesn’t have true Fall vibes but upstate New York certainty does. Newton and her husband actually spend part of the year in Florida and I’m sure she knew just how desperate us full-timers are for crunchy leaves and chilly overcast afternoons.

What is it about? 

Raven-haired event planner, Kate, is aiming to win a coveted award for planning the perfect party and impress her surgeon parents; they aren’t happy she turned her back on the family business for glitter and fritz. After a wedding cancellation leaves her free for 2 months, her best friend reaches out with an opportunity to plan an event worthy of a corpse’s bride – a popular horror writer’s book launch party! Kate never fails to impress her clients and is convinced with the right mix of circus and class she’ll have a shot at that award.

The Knight of Nightmares, author Drake Matthews, doesn’t want a circus and is reluctant to accept a mostly-wedding planner’s ideas for a spooktacular event. He isn’t even sure he wants to have a launch party to begin with, let alone something with theatrics. They strike a deal and Kate remains professional while giving Drake inspiration for his next book. She’s put in seriously uncomfortable situations and, at times, enjoys being his muse but chaos follows her. It seems like she just can’t catch a break – so much for a happily-ever-after event.

What does it have?

  • Feel Good Romance
  • Awkward Situations
  • Laugh Out Loud Moments
  • PG-13 Sexual Tension

I had so much fun with this book! I read the first few pages before bed on the 5th and knew I’d spend the entire next day reading. The narrative is light-hearted and it’s hard not to smile at some of the super relatable moments. I also spotted a (possibly unintended) nod to The Office when someone mentioned being a little-stitious; I am one of those Office-obsessed people though, and when I hear anything funny that was also said in the show I just assume the person is quoting it.

Is it worth reading?

Heck yeah! This is one of those books that will have you smiling and laughing, good vibes all around.

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