Just Read: “A Touch of Ruin” by Scarlett St. Clair

Read August 18, 2021 – August 22, 2021

I figured I better hurry up and write my review for this before I am completely out of touch with the events from ATOR specifically. I read St. Clair’s A Touch of Darkness, the first book in her Hades x Persephone Saga, downloaded and read this one, and then immediately got wrapped up in the third book. I am briefly pausing the third to post my review of this one but… spoiler alert… I LOVED it. Check out my review for A Touch of Darkness before reading further so you can join on this adventure from the start.

What is it about? 

Persephone is officially the lover of… the girlfriend of… titles are tricky but she is most definitely in a relationship with Hades, the God of the Dead. He is completely enamored with her and that comes with a lot of pressure. Not only is the press all over their relationship, of course it got leaked, but her mother is seriously unhappy about their union. The Fates have said they will be together and it’s a bit wild that mommy dearest, the Goddess of Harvest, won’t get on board. She has it out for them and it’s more than annoying.

The struggle only intensifies when one of their ex’s resurfaces and tests their trust. Persephone wanted to live a normal mortal lifestyle and now she is wrapped up in this mess. Blackmail, withholding truth, and broken promises all have her wondering if this relationship is really something she wants to continue. Why can’t Hades just be straightforward? It’s no wonder that Persephone is an emotional wreck. Fates and true love must prevail…

What does it have?

  • Death
  • S-E-X
  • Strained Mother-Daughter Relationship
  • Winter is Coming, OMG! 

I never thought I’d learn so much about relationships from a book about immortals in love. St. Clair weaves in some really powerful messages about dealing with tension that proves to be a good reminder. I love when I find these little nuggets of wisdom in fiction. She writes about “not [making] up hurt for hurt”, being “comfortable with being angry with one another” while healing after an intense disagreement, and warns against assuming, saying “you cannot be sure of anything unless you ask… it is more unfair to assume”.

Is it worth reading?

So worth it that I finished this book on Sunday and immediately downloaded the third in the series, reading about 1/3rd of it before bed that night. I’ll continue that now and likely finish tomorrow… if not tonight. Let’s see how sleepy I get as the night progresses…but as of right now I’m about 67% through (says my Kindle).

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