Just Read: “Season of Joy” by Annie Rains

Read October 8, 2020 – October 10,2020

Another day, another holiday romance thanks to NetGalley… This one comes from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and will hit the shelves on the 13thSeason of Joy is part of a series that I haven’t read; when I looked up the 5 books that came before it, they didn’t seem to have intertwining storylines, so I assume I didn’t miss any important information starting late in the game. Rains has a handful of novels already published and has made a name for herself in the contemporary romance genre.

What is it about? 

A not-so-crazy cat lady is working hard to save enough money to open a studio to showcase her art on Main Street in town. She has struggled to find acceptance in her family and is still healing from a major heartbreak that happened last Christmas. Joy is the type of woman who loves helping others, so she doesn’t find it difficult to keep herself busy helping out around the senior citizen center. She has kept herself so busy that she doesn’t realize she might be falling in love but she pauses long enough to notice and put a stop to any potential; she has to protect her heart.

The man of [possible] interest, Granger, is also not fond of the idea of finding love one day. He has two young daughters to worry about and knows a relationship can lead to major heartbreak for him and his girls. His ex wife left shortly after birthing their second daughter and they haven’t heard from her since. Kids are resilient, though, and can find a way to push through heartache. Granger feels like they shouldn’t have to lose another female role model, which is probably contributing to his hesitation to find someone new. Santa is granting wishes this year… does Granger wish for something old or something new? 

What does it have?

  • Broken Families
  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Christmas Tree Farm
  • Second Chances

This Christmas romance had a little more confusion than I bargained for. I like my holiday airy and, even though I can suspend my disbelief pretty far, I started to feel like I was being blindsided by some of the information thrown my way. Why wouldn’t I have known the information already? It felt intentional but at the same time a bit random. There were aspects of the story that I thought were cute and it did feel original but I wasn’t in love with the narration. Christmas is my grape jam and this was more peach preserves…

Is it worth reading?

I love most of what comes from this publishing house but I wouldn’t recommend this book. I always feel a little guilty giving a less than stellar review but I’m here to be honest… I don’t want to betray your trust.

I have one last advance reader copy from NetGalley to read this month and it’s next on my list. I think we can handle a little more Christmas, don’t you?

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