Just Read: “Christmas Charms” by Teri Wilson

Read October 5, 2020 – October 7, 2020

Can you believe it has taken me this long to read a Christmas book from Hallmark Publishing? Thank you NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for making my dreams come true. I’m the girl who watches Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, which..yes..starts THIS MONTH! I actually had this book on my wish list, so I’m glad I was given access prior to its release. This book officially published yesterday, October 6th.

What is it about? 

Here we have another quaint town oozing with charm and in Hallmark fashion… there is tons of magic. Ashley is from Owl Lake but is currently in Manhattan, living the dream as an employee in the charms department of a jewelry store reminiscent of Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue. Four story building, a signature shade of blue, and all the prestige.. it’s easy to picture if you’re familiar with the obvious inspiration. Ashley has this very awkward moment with her co-worker-turned-boyfriend before visiting her hometown to spend the holidays with her parents. If you’re waiting for the signature Hallmark moment.. it’s gonna happen on the train.

She’s charmed… see what I did there?… by a woman on the train and from that point on magic begins to unfold. She bumps into an old flame, finds a mysterious dog, and at one points ends up in an amazingly hideous Christmas sweater. I suppose she should be careful what she wishes for, because her dreams appear to be coming true. There’s no place like home but she can’t entirely leave the City behind as it tries to tug her back to the hustle and bustle of the career she loves so much. 

What does it have?

  • Proposal Drama
  • Holiday Magic
  • Small Town Charm
  • Family

I can’t imagine a Christmas story that doesn’t involve romance and this one delivers a little bit of everything I’m looking for. I was somehow distracted from real life beginning at the 30% mark onward and couldn’t put the book down. Hallmark Publishing did a good pick with Wilson’s novel and it gives all of what you expect from them. Wilson transports you to the most magical time of year and pulls your heart in the best way possible. She delivers a snowy Christmastime that also warms you from the inside. I have the sudden urge to watch old movies and sip on a gingerbread latte. Watch out, pumpkin spice!

Is it worth reading?

If you’re a Hallmark fan like me… definitely! I can’t imagine not having read this. I was picturing it play out on the screen with one of the darling regulars we see each year. When you do read it, I’d love to know who you would cast for the main characters.

I hope you’re enjoying early Christmas vibes with me. Now, back to my Kindle to download the next Christmas-themed Advance Reader Copy I was given!

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