Just Read: “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas” by Lizzie Shane

Read October 2, 2020 – October 4, 2020

NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) gave me access to this adorable Christmas romance just before it officially released on September 29th and I am so thankful! At some point last month I realized a ton of Christmas novels were likely to publish soon so I figured I would scroll through and see what interested me. This one is not only about my favorite time of year but it involves rescue dogs… yeah, obviously I was requesting it right away. How can you say no to doggies and holiday magic?

What is it about? 

Think: small town Vermont enchants City girl. Ally is in town from New York City to help her grandparents save their modest animal rescue shelter. She’s lost her way and is uncertain what she wants to do with her life but she knows that being in Pine Hollow is where she belongs… for now. Ally is the type of girl who believes in signs and at the moment, all signs point here. She’s a photographer by trade and seems to find most comfort hiding behind the lens of her camera but hiding gets her in a bit of trouble when she bumps into the Grinch himself.

He’s more than a Grinch. His bad attitude may be tolerable at times but the fact that he is (mostly) to blame for the funding being cut from the city to the shelter makes him my personal nemesis. He tries to make up for it but continuously falls short because his heart seems to have iced over. Ally kind of likes him, though, and Mr. Grinch kind of likes her, too. It’s more than complicated as they both try to find their way in life and in each other’s lives. Sometimes feelings can seem very one-sided. 

What does it have?

  • Budding Romance
  • Christmas Festivities
  • Small Town Charm

There’s nothing more heartwarming to me than a Christmastime romance. Successful or not, the prospect of love during the holidays is such a thrill to read. Shane does a great job at delivering a charming story while giving the reader an opportunity to consider how they handle different situations, especially involving family. I love how she was able to point right to some of the most obvious, yet ignored, human weaknesses while showing how to solve them. Home is where you want it to be; home is where you make it.

Is it worth reading?

I really enjoyed it! This book is a cute Christmas read and if you love dogs, it’s kind of impossible to pass up on. Every pup deserves a place to call home.. and so do we.

I hope you’re ready for the ride this month because I have three more upcoming/new releases to talk to you about… and yes, it’s all Christmas all the time in my heart so get a cup of hot cocoa and stay a while.

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