Just Read: “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave

Read August 27, 2021 – August 27, 2021 This was a pick by a book club I’m in. The book club is pretty big but on average I’d say only 4-5 people end up being able to meet and it’s not necessarily the same people. I don’t always go; it depends on the book andContinue reading “Just Read: “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave”

Just Read: “The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine

Read July 12, 2020 – July 15, 2020 Another double author novel this month! I didn’t realize Liv Constantine is just a pen name; two sisters got together – via email and video chat – to write this novel. How cool is that? I chose this book based on a recommendation by one of my friendsContinue reading “Just Read: “The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine”

Just Read: “Such a Fun Age” by Kiley Reid

Read July 3, 2020 – July 4, 2020 Last month a couple of people on Instagram and I decided we would have a virtual book club – not because of the restrictions due to COVID, but because we are from different places – Florida, California, Germany, and the United Kingdom! We shared some books onContinue reading “Just Read: “Such a Fun Age” by Kiley Reid”