Just Read: “Life’s Too Short” by Abby Jimenez

Read April 6, 2021 – April 14, 2021 Abby Jimenez has published three novels and owns a successful bakery in Minnesota. This is her third novel and it should be noted that this one kind of goes along with The Friend Zone and The Happily Ever After Playlist. The books are listed as part of a seriesContinue reading “Just Read: “Life’s Too Short” by Abby Jimenez”

Just Read: “Fiber Fueled” by Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI

Read February 22, 2021 – April 10, 2021 I’m a huge fan of learning about health and food science. Dr. Bulsiewicz is a practicing medical doctor who is board-certified in both internal medicine and gastroenterology. He shares a ton of his research findings on Instagram and I knew this book would be a winner inContinue reading “Just Read: “Fiber Fueled” by Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI”

Just Read: “Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty

Read February 14, 2021 – April 10, 2021 It’s still considered reading if you listen to it, right? I usually spend my commute singing along to a dated playlist, talking to my dad, or listening to a personal (or professional) development book. I like to find joy during the madness of traffic! Jay Shetty’s videosContinue reading “Just Read: “Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty”

Just Read: “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline

Read November 26, 2020 – December 19, 2020 From the moment I saw Cline was releasing a sequel to Ready Player One, I preordered and waited as patiently as possible. The physical copy of the first book has been on quite the adventure; it’s safe and sound on my bookshelf and I knew I’d need aContinue reading “Just Read: “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline”

Just Read: “Winter Counts” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden

Read October 18, 2020 – October 21,2020 I finally had the opportunity to pick up one of the books on my nightstand and I’ve been eager to start it since receiving it in my Book of the Month box last month. David Heska Wanbli Weiden is a member of the Sicangu Lakota Nation and hisContinue reading “Just Read: “Winter Counts” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden”

Just Read: “Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy” by Janice Lynn

Read October 13, 2020 – October 16,2020 This will be my last advance reader copy from NetGalley for the month and, as promised, it’s Christmas once again. Hallmark Publishing is releasing this one on the 27th so I’ll make sure you know what’s going on with it before you add it to your cart; October hasContinue reading “Just Read: “Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy” by Janice Lynn”

Just Read: “Season of Joy” by Annie Rains

Read October 8, 2020 – October 10,2020 Another day, another holiday romance thanks to NetGalley… This one comes from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and will hit the shelves on the 13th. Season of Joy is part of a series that I haven’t read; when I looked up the 5 books that came before it, they didn’t seem toContinue reading “Just Read: “Season of Joy” by Annie Rains”

Just Read: “Christmas Charms” by Teri Wilson

Read October 5, 2020 – October 7, 2020 Can you believe it has taken me this long to read a Christmas book from Hallmark Publishing? Thank you NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for making my dreams come true. I’m the girl who watches Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, which..yes..starts THIS MONTH! I actually had this book on myContinue reading “Just Read: “Christmas Charms” by Teri Wilson”

Just Read: “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas” by Lizzie Shane

Read October 2, 2020 – October 4, 2020 NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) gave me access to this adorable Christmas romance just before it officially released on September 29th and I am so thankful! At some point last month I realized a ton of Christmas novels were likely to publish soon so I figured I wouldContinue reading “Just Read: “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas” by Lizzie Shane”

Just Read: “One by One” by Ruth Ware

Read September 8, 2020 – September 10, 2020 Ruth Ware’s newest thriller has been on my Want to Read on Good Reads for a while, so when it was released on the 8th I downloaded it right after work. I was in the mood to start a thriller and have heard so many good things about Ware’sContinue reading “Just Read: “One by One” by Ruth Ware”